Five Kid-friendly Cafes in San Francisco

We go to a lot of coffee shops in this city and some are more kid friendly than others. I figured it would be useful to share the cafes we think are easiest to visit with kids. Below are my current top five kid-friendly cafes in SF, as well as a short description of why they made the list.

Road Trip to See the Almond Blossoms

Every year around February, the Central Valley landscape brightens with orchards full of white and pink almond blossoms. It is truly a sight to see. There are rows and rows of blooming almond trees, which make it seems as though the valley is covered in snow.

Bay Area Free Days in March

My friend Jamiee is the best at finding all the free days at local museums and attractions. She runs the instagram page @sanfranciscotoddler and finds all these places with her daughter. I asked her to do a guest blog post that showed all the free dates for the month of March and the calendar is below! We are thinking of updating this monthly, let us know what you think! 

Updated Review of South Park in San Francisco

When we first moved into the city a year ago we were looking for nearby parks and ran across South Park. The city had just finished renovating it and adding a new play structure. I found this place to be very cool and we have been visiting regularly ever since.

Carnival-Inspired Brunch at Straw SF

Brunch food is my favorite type of food, but it can be hard to get into a good brunch spot in this city, especially with a toddler. So when I find one that is both tasty and kid-friendly, I want to tell everyone about it!

Raising a Toddler in a High-Rise

I get a lot of questions about what it is like to live in a high-rise with a toddler. So, I thought I would write a post answering the most frequently asked questions. Keep in mind this is based on my building and my personal experience here so far.

Eight Rainy-Day Activities For Toddlers

This is way outside my comfort zone, guys! I usually am not that good at home activities, but the rainy season is coming, so I had to get creative to keep this kid busy! I figured every mom is looking for ways to keep kids occupied, so I'm sharing what we came up with so far.

Taking a Toddler to Clarion Alley

The Mission District is home to the largest number of murals in San Francisco. Hundreds of walls, doors, and fences are painted by artists to show cultural, political and artistic points of view. It's is most definitely the most colorful part of the city. 

Alta Plaza Park - A Park With a View

There are so many parks in this city. One of my favorites for views is Alta Plaza Park. It has panoramic views of the city from multiple places in the park. My favorites are the views from the top of the Pierce street stairs and the view from the playground.

Breakfast at Outerlands

I consider Outerlands to be a very kid friendly restaurant. Not only that but the food is incredibly good!  They serve locally sourced organic American fare and they are located in Outer Sunset.